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Voltage Max: 20 V Max Voltage: 18 V Number of Batteries: 0 Blade speed: 0-2800 /min Orbital settings: 4 Stroke length: 23 mm Sawing capacity in wood: 65 mm Sawing capacity in aluminium: 8 mm Sawing capacity in metal: 6 mm Net weight excl. battery: 1.8 kg Part of the SKIL ‘Energy Platform’: THE flexible battery system 'Keep Cool™' battery technology ensures 25% longer run time and 2x the lifetime Our patented ‘ActivCell™’ technology works to optimise power usage, preventing overheating and maximizing battery performance Powerful '20V Max' (18V) cordless jigsaw for a variety of DIY sawing tasks LED light illuminates the line of cut for better sight of the workpiece Material selector with four settings: always the right setting for the job Variable-speed control for high-precision cutting in various materials Quick and easy blade change with toolless 'Clic' system Switch for dust blowing to keep a good view of the sawline at all times Footplate angle keylessly adjustable up to 45° left or right for accurate bevel cuts Softgrip for a better and more comfortable grip Adapter included for attaching a vacuum cleaner if needed

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