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German wallpapers 536157 Rasch, due to the fact that vinyl, have a complex texture and high-quality imitation of natural coatings. Because of the top layer, they have high performance: easy to wipe, resistant to damage. Of all the wallpapers, 536157 Rasch will last the longest: the canvases do not fade and retain their high-quality and original appearance for a long time. Violet shades of wallpaper 536157 Rasch have a very complex and beautiful color. These wallpapers are especially good in bets and bright accents. Choose a calm companion from the catalog, for example, a gray or pale pink color scheme. Wallpaper strip 536157 Rasch is best used indoors with enough space. This active accent can change the geometry of the room, its proportions. However, in any case, you will receive an elegant version of the interior. Wallpaper 536157 Rasch immerses you in the luxury of the 50s with its patterns. The design of the paintings is very dynamic and characteristic. You can use this wallpaper on a stylish insert or use it on an entire wall. The most daring can decorate the whole room. Wallpaper 536157 will look good in the hall where we meet guests. The color scheme of the wallpaper that is conducive to communication and a decent texture will create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

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