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Clean Design, materials excellent, the colours of the trend: reconnect the past with the present, through an idea of contemporaneity that cancels the flow of time. The comprehensive search of Christian Masi has generated a collection from the various suggestions, iconic and elegant, where the timeless spirit of the Damask, meets the modern trend to build a new language. The decorative style that is unique in all its aspects, and stresses the refinement of spaces and floods of charming the domestic environment. The design matches perfectly with velvet, precious woods, metals, and gold accents for the perfect mix and ultra-chic! CE marked in accordance with european legislation EN 15102 and certified by IGI (Global Wallcoverings Association) in conformity with the product standards EN 233:2016 and EN 259-1:2001. Certified ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).23606

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