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The 310x410mm NoStik adjustable crisper mat oven shelf is the perfect solution for achieving fantastic cooking results. Designed to fit directly inside an oven, the mat combines a non-stick mesh oven liner with a built-in shelf, so it's easy to load and place in the oven. Due to its clever design, the NoStik shelf allows airflow from above and below the food, reducing the need for turning items during cooking. In addition, there's no need to grease/oil the mesh, so the food retains its quality and is healthier in comparison to when cooked on traditional liners. Product features Dimensions 0.5(H) x 410(W) x 310(D)mm Material PTFE & Fiberglass & NiCr coated wire & Alu pipes Weight 320g Colour Black Fits on the sliders or rails of your oven Adjustable width in order to fit any width of oven Crispy oven frying results thanks to hot air circulation through mesh openings Fat-free oven frying without butter or oil Easy to clean Reusable Heat resistant up to 260°C (500°F)

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