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Joseph Joseph Index Chopping Board Set Large Graphite A great set of cutting boards for busy cooks with lots of prep to get through, the Large Index Chopping Board Set from Joseph Joseph is a neat and tidy way to store a board for every chopping task. Smartly held in their graphite-grey case, the cheerful colour-coded boards make it ultra-easy to manage the highest standards of hygiene in your home kitchen. One of Joseph Joseph’s most iconic designs, Index chopping boards help cooks avoid cross-contamination by making it easy to always use the same board for the same job. Simple but effective, the colour-coding system and index-style tabs help you select the board you need at a glance: Red, with a chop icon – For raw meat. Green, with a carrot icon – For fruit and vegetables. Blue, with a fish icon – For fish. White, with a steaming bowl icon – For cooked foods. With perfectly flat cutting surfaces and raised rims to keep food and juices safely contained on the other, each board has grippy, non-slip feet in the corners of both sides to keep them firmly in place while you’re prepping. The boards are also specially designed to be kind to your knives, so while their surfaces will mark and show scratches over time, your knife blades will suffer less damage and maintain a sharper edge for longer. Made from durable, BPA-free polypropylene, they’re also dishwasher safe for super-easy clean-up.

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