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Intel Celeron Processor 4GB RAM 32GB Storage 11.6" Display ChromeOS Portable lightweight and fast Chromebooks are super-portable, lightweight laptops that are beautifully designed for web-based programs. This means they work best whilst connected to the internet. They primarily use Google services like Gmail, Google Docs, and Chrome. Everything you save, whether that’s work documents or photos – is stored securely online in the Cloud. As a result, everything runs smoothly and quickly, as you won’t need to keep anything in the built-in hard drive. All the apps you need Access a wide variety of games, apps, films, and more through Google Play. The easy-to-use online store lets you pack your computer with all the key software you need. So if you’re after some hardcore graphics software, or you’re just a bit of a social media junkie, the app you need is just a few clicks away. Leave the charger at home The perpetual hunt for a plug socket is a thing of the past thanks to this model’s long battery life. Because of the battery’s larger capacity, you can work for hours on end without needing to plug in. It’s ideal if you fancy a change of scenery and want to spend the day working away from your desk. Let the sun shine The anti-glare coating on this model means you can work in all sorts of conditions. A filter on the screen helps prevent reflections and glare when exposed to direct sunlight. So you can throw the curtains open – or even set up camp in the garden – and still get a clear view of the action on screen.

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