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Voltage Max: 20 V Max Voltage: 18 V Number of Batteries: 0 No-load speed (rpm): 11000-16000 /min Oscillating angle left/right: 1.8 ° Net weight excl. battery: 1 kg Part of the SKIL ‘Energy Platform’: THE flexible battery system 'Keep Cool™' battery technology ensures 25% longer run time and 2x the lifetime Our patented ‘ActivCell™’ technology works to optimise power usage, preventing overheating and maximizing battery performance Powerful '20V Max' (18V) cordless multi tool for sanding, sawing, cutting and more Soft start for gradual run up to maximum speed LED light for a better sight of the workpiece and more comfortable working in poorly lit areas Ideal for a wide variety of DIY jobs, especially handy when detailed work is required The universal accessory system enables a wide range of 'Starlock' basic and 'OIS' accessories to be used Steplessly adjustable variable speed for full control Including vacuum cleaner adapter for dust-free sanding Ergonomic design and softgrip for optimal comfort and control Depth stop with variable depth (0-60 mm) for accurate sawing and cutting, prevents damaging material underneath and quick wear-out of accessories

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