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The Salamander TapBoost is an intelligent domestic inline clean water pump intended to improve the flow to a single outlet/point of use (such as a tap, shower, toilet cistern) which suffers with a poor natural flow. It is suitable for use with mains water and tank fed water systems, with water up to 65°C. TapBoost operates at 12V DC which is supplied via a 240V AC power supply unit. TapBoost is not suitable for boosting multiple outlets. If multuple outlets suffer from poor natural flow, Salamander pumps have a range of products that are suitable that you can find here. For TapBoost to operate, there must be a natural flow rate from the outlet of at least 1.2 litres mer minute (lpm) When natural flow rate is at 1.2 lpm TapBoost will increase the flow up to 7lpm (provided there are no restrictions in the pipework/outlet). If the natural flow rate is greater than 1.2 lpm TapBoost will increase your outlet flow rate up to a maximum of 11 lpm. Features & Benefits: Boosts water flow to a single outlet to 7-11 Ltr/min, Depending on incoming flow. Very quiet in operation Compact design for fitting in tight spaces Fitted to either a hot or cold outlet Brass ends Inline design for easy installation Applications: Bathroom sink - Hot and / or Cold Kitchen sink - Hot and / or Cold Bath taps and fittings Garden tap (pump must be installed inside) Toilet cistern Dishwasher Washing Machine Box Contents: 1 x TapBoost Pump (with 0.95m Cable) 1 x Power Supply Unit (with 1.15m Cable) 1 x Power Supply Unit Mains Cable (1.9m) 1 x 15mm Inlet Compression Nut 1 x 15mm Inlet Compression Olive 1 x Spare Inlet Filter (One is pre-fitted to the pump inlet)

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