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CRH Irish Cement 25kg bag Irish Cement is a quality general purpose bagged cement. Suitable for all general concreting, block laying and plastering applications. The product has been specifically designed to reduce the carbon intensity of cement production and to provide enhanced workability in block laying and plastering applications. The quality of all Normal Cement produced by Irish Cement is guaranteed to meet, in full, the requirements of Irish Standard I.S. EN 197-1 ‘Cement Part 1: Composition, Specifications and Conformity Criteria for Common Cements’. Bagged CEM II (Normal) Strength: 32.5N CE marked. Irish Cement is suitable for a wide range of applications where no special or unusual considerations arise. Typical applications include use in site-mixed concrete for foundations, paths, etc., in small precast elements and in mortars, renders and grouts. Mortar mixes should have improved workability properties, compared with traditional cement based only on cement clinker, resulting in a more cohesive mortar or render mix, with better handling and finish characteristics. An additional charge will be made if the pallet is supplied, this is refundable on return. HAZARD INFORMATION Danger [Refer to Safety Data Sheet in "Downloads" Section] H318 Causes serious eye damage H315 Causes skin irritation H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction H335 May cause respiratory irritation

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