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Learn & play at bath time with the Kaichi Balls & Boat water toy, an interactive sensory water toy that makes bath time fun. A fun & friendly colourful design that is lightweight & easy for little hands to grasp & use, simply fix the suction cups on the basket to the tub, tiles or any smooth surface, baby & toddlers grasp the balls, floating in the water & aim to shoot into the basket creating a splish splash when they drop back into the tub. The colorful boat floats in the tub, your little one learns to fill the scoop with water, pouring the water on the boat setting the inner wheel in motion to rotate, they see their action rotates the wheel & this starts the boat to sail around the tub, encouraging their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills & lots of communication between you & your little one. Suitable for age 12 months & older.

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