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Table lamp No. 006 in the Tesla collection is the larger sibling of No. 003. Its a simple and elegant design that's perfect for those areas where you need a less imposing more subtle lamp. Perfect for work or study areas or even on shelves or tight to fit areas. It works really well in conjunction with its smaller sibling No. 003 Both No. 003 and No. 006 can now be bought together as a gift set! Click Here It uses an old 0.5 kg weight plate from a barbell weightlifting set which was purchased from a local buy and sell app. This gives it the perfect grounding to accentuate the beautiful form of the copper pipes above. The copper pipe used is salvaged from the heating and plumbing and renewable sector in Ireland and over 75% of the material used has been recycled. The clever design incorporates a dimmer switch which unlocks the true potential of the exposed LED bulb of which there are 2 options available. It can be dimmed from a low to high setting with ease which gives the lamp real functionality meaning it can be used in a multitude of settings. Its larger size makes it perfect for bedside lockers, sideboards, hall tables and coffee tables. This lamp is a real conversation piece and will not only lighten up your space with a delicate and ambient tone but will also add a quirky and artistic note. Specification 0.5 kg cast iron barbell weight plate 15mm reclaimed copper pipe As it is handmade the dimensions may vary slightly but never more than a few mm! There are 2 bulbs to choose from in the drop-down menu. Measurements: 90mm wide 410mm high 900mm deep Electrical: All components are CE certified 0.75mm2 black twisted braided 3 core cable Inline dimmer switch 220-240V Copper effect lamp holder c/w cord grip 95mm E27 LED Bulb (2 Options) UK 3 pin plug c/w 3 amp fuse Fully earthed and electrically tested

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