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What Does a Colour Consultant Do...

You probably see a lot on our social media and in-store about Free Colour Consultations with one of our consultants…but what does a colour consultant do?


“A colour consultant combines colour psychology,current trends, demographic statistics, and colour design theories to come up with a successful informed solution.”


Decorating or renovating can be tricky, don’t worry if you can’t decide on the perfect colour or what paint will help bring your house to life as they can help with any worries you may have.


Between our Paint Department’s trained staff, who you can pop in at any time to see or our Dulux, Fleetwood and ColourTrend colour consultants,who you can book in with, we can help you create inspired living spaces. They can help you transform your world the fuss-free way. We have a team who spend time with each individual customer so they can go through function, finish and specific colour.


A colour consultant creates an attractive colour design to suit you. Whether it is a bathroom, kitchen or bedroom, they can help choose colours for mood, that are on trend or to match a specific piece of fabric that you love.

They can also create mood boards just for you with a choice of colours and design.


Colour Matching

Colours are matched by human eye which gives the most accurate colour match possible,but remember there is no such thing as absolute perfection when it comes to colour matching. To get an exact colour it is best to use the exact base paint and exact colour formula the manufacture or designer intended. Where possible we can manually tint a base to adjust a colour, which larger stores usually don’t the time to do.

Book In

You can pop in at anytime to speak to one of our paint experts who can go through schemes with you. If you would like to meet one of our Colour Consultants from Dulux, Fleetwood or Colourtrend then you can book in when dates are announced on social media and on our events page.