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Up Styling Your Furniture...

Decided you need to update the living room furniture or moving into a new home and need some furniture? New furniture can be expensive and can also date very quickly.  If you have an old piece of furniture you want to throw out, look at it with an open mind and a little imagination and you could be surprised with what you can do to make it into something you would buy from an expensive furniture shop or pop into your local charity shop and adopt a tired looking piece of furniture and who knows what you could create with it. It really is a simple process to update an old coffee table or chest of drawers, all you need is time and patience.


We took an old bedside table and wanted to give it a new lease of life with a fresh colour. Firstly,the surface was cleaned down with the product Krud Kutter Stain Remover to remove any grease or dirt that may have built up over time.  

The entire unit was then lightly sanded, again just to get rid of old paint or dirt and to give a smooth clean surface. You don’t need to sand it down but it is advised for a better finish.

The next step is to use a good primer before you start painting. This will help kill the old colour and provide the perfect surface for your lovely new colour. We used one coat of Colourtrend Prime 1 Acrylic Primer and Sealer. You can use this Primer and Sealer for both interior and exterior projects.


Now the best part. Choose your colour. Go bold, if you don’t like it you can always just repeat the last steps on that little tester area and go again.  Heather Dust from the Colourtrend range was our top choice.  With an eggshell finish, it will have a 25% sheen level. This is personal choice. If you like a very shiny surface, go with a gloss finish.


The interior wash and panted with a Wooster Silver Tip 2 inch Brush and the large flat areas were rolled with a 4 inch Flock roller sleeve, you could use a brush for the large areas but this is more time consuming and can leave brush marks on your hard work.  Two coats of paint were applied (allow the first coat to dry completely) and left for 72 hours to ensure complete hardening of the paint.

If you are creative a little brave, use a different colour on panels or areas you want to pop. Finish off the unit with new door knobs if you fancy.


Our unit was now ready to use.

There is no guarantee against chipping with any brand of paint. Preparation of the surfaces and taking your time are the key elements to completing a job you can be proud of.


Another example of a piece of furniture up styled by one of our customers is a little table. The talented lady behind this used Polyvine calk maker mixed with a Dulux Paint. This product allows you to turn any matt emulsion into a chalk paint. A Polyvine wax was used to finish it off.  She also used Fablon Self Adhesive to add a design to the top of the table.

There you have it, easy!


If you would like to share your hard work using our products with us, use #lovegrahams on any social post or PM us to be featured on our social media.