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The Garden Shop March Edition

With the brighter, sunnier days, all we can think about is being outside with the smell of fresh cut grass, a BBQ sizzling away and a bottle of whatever takes your fancy in one hand. So it's time to talk about the Garden!

Gardening can be tricky when we are unsure of the weather but we have some top tips to keep you going for March.

Start with the basics. Power wash your drive or patio area, remove leaves and debris from in and around the garden. Choose a day with no distractions and just get stuck in.

With the change in weather, its now time to start caring for your lawn and at around 6 Degrees Celsius, grass growth begins. March is the ideal time to treat your lawn for moss as well as preparing and sowing new lawns. If your lawn looks tired, treat it with a lawn feed. Start applying now and continue through the month. Instructions vary depending on which product you use.



Begin your lawn treatment with a light cut, just removing the top of the grass to give your lawn a neat appearance. Delay mowing if the weather is still cold or wet to avoid damage.You should avoid cutting your lawn more than two times in the month of March.


The next step is to get rid of those nasty weeds. It is important to stay on top of weed maintenance as this task can get away from you.  



If you have plants in your garden begin feeding them, especially roses.

You can also begin summer bulbs indoors, ready to be planted. Again, follow instructions carefully for all plants.  Sewing of bedding plants should be completed before the end of the month to allow time for the plants to grow.

There is still a chance of frost so make sure to do some research on what plants or shrubs can be planted now and will survive in the frost.

With these few simple tips you will be right on track to a designer garden this summer.

Keep an eye on our blog for monthly advice on how to further care for your garden. We will also bring you a few special blogs focusing on vegetables, plants and creating the perfect outdoor living space.