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Let's Get Into The Garden ...

March can you stop teasing us, one day it's warm, the next it's raining but on those warm days (yes anything above 10 degrees is warm) all we can think about is being outside with the smell of fresh cut grass, a BBQ sizzling away and a bottle of whatever takes your fancy in one hand. With the stretch in the evenings and the "warm" weather, it is time to talk Garden!

Gardening can be tricky when we are unsure of the weather but we have some top tips to keep you going for March.

Graham's Top Tips

Clean out your garden area.

Start with the basics. Power wash your drive or patio area, remove leaves and debris from in and around the garden. Choose a day with no distractions and just get stuck in.

Trim and prune old plants.

Now lets move on to the plants. If you are unsure of what way to treat your plants, look it up. The internet has so much information on how to treat individual plants and how to care for them the correct way. Not all plants should be treated exactly the same and don't use basic scissors. You can get lots of tools for trimming, and they will make your life easier as well as showing some love to your plants.

Freshen up the soil.

Spring is a good time to do this. Add mulch to feed the soil and plants. If your containers or garden beds are full, freshen up the soil, take some out, add a mixture of new material. It is also a good idea to mix organic fertiliser with your soil before planting.

Plant new flowers and shrubs

Know what colours your want in your garden or what flowers you would like to plant? Now is the time to get organised and start planting. Be careful though. There is still a chance of frost so make sure to do some research on what plants or shrubs can be planted now and will survive in the frost.careful. There is still a chance of frost so make sure to do some research on what plants or shrubs can be planted now and will survive in the frost.

Mow your lawn.

Go get that lawnmower out of the shed. Set your mower at a higher level and give your lawn a few cuts at this grade. This will allow grass to be healthier for the season ahead.


Don’t forget your “veggies”. With so much talk around healthy eating and organic foods, why not just grow your own? Growing your own vegetables can be daunting but what have you to lose. Planting and growing your own can be very therapeutic and rewarding and with so much choice and information it couldn't be easier. You don't even need a lot of space or a big garden to do so. Here’s a few veggies for planting in early Spring; Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels and Broccoli are all tolerant of frost.


Graham's Top Three Veggies


Often called a “super-food” Kale is easy to grow. It isn’t afraid of cold temperature and will produce edible leaves in one month. Sow directly into soil bury seeds half an inch deep and space an inch apart.

Kale leaves can be eaten raw in salads, cooked in stir fry’s and soups.



Sow broccoli between March and May and it is best to harvest between March and June. You will know yourself when your broccoli looks ready to harvest. Like many other members of the cabbage family broccoli is an excellent spring veggie. You can grow directly into soil but best by starting the seeds indoors and allow about 4 to 6 weeks before they are ready to be transplanted outside.



There are thousands of different varieties to choose from offering different flavour, leaf colour and texture. Seeds can be sown directly into garden from March to August, and harvest between June and October. Space lettuce seeds approximately half an inch apart at a depth if a quarter of an inch. Choose from butter head, lolla rosa, cosmic or little gem.


Check out our next blog which will be easy, delicious recipes for each of these yummy vegetables.


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