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How To Make A Christmas Wreath

It seems Christmas creeps up on us faster and faster each year and with so much to prepare, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Which is why preparation is key. With this Christmas wreath tutorial on hand, you’ll be well prepared for a season of entertaining. Simple to make and a stunning addition to your home, you’ll wow your neighbours, guest and maybe even yourself. So gather up your supplies, cherish your seasonal embellishments, embrace a large dose ofholiday spirit and lets get to work on creating your Christmas wreath masterpiece.

The Technique

Fresh wreaths will last 4-5 weeks outdoors so can be made in the final weeks of November. If you plan on making a wreath for indoors, these will last for approximately 2 weeks depending on exposure to warmth. A wire wreath is the most versatile option in terms of support for your wreath and is study enough to hold heavy materials such as evergreen boughs or citrus fruits should you decide to use them. For a thin and delicate wreath we recommend a single wire frame. However, if you’re going for a much fuller wreath then a double wire frame is your best option. Once you’ve mastered the main technique of wiring materials to a metal form, you’ll find yourself with infinite creative possibilities for your Christmas wreath.

The Supplies

Gather yourself a collection of essential wreath making supplies
to be kept safely in a box until you’re ready to get crafty.

These should include:

  • Floral wire
  • Craft glue
  • Work gloves (to avoid prickly needles from evergreen)
  • Additional supplies:
  • Embellishments
  • Greenery (Holly, Ivy, Spruce, Pine, Birch or Hazel)
  • A bow to decorate the finished product


Lay a small bundle of chosen greenery on the wire form. Wrap the wire tightly around the stems 3-4 times. It’s important that you don’t cut the wire at this point. Add a second bundle of greenery roughly half way up the previous bundle and wrap the wire around the stems.

Continue this process of adding bundles until you’ve worked your way around the entire wire
frame. Tuck the wire underneath the now structured wreath, tie securely in a knot and cut the wire. To make a hanger for the wreath, leave a few extra inches on the wire before cutting it off, form a loop with the additional wire and twist it around itself.

Add embellishments of holly, berries, bells or pinecones until your heart is content. Spray pain some of the greenery gold or silver before adding them to the wreath for added shimmer. The more the merrier!

Get the creative juices flowing with our Christmas wreath inspiration gallery.